December 30, 2015

122 to 140 BPM random all vinyl mix

Dale Cooper 122 to 140 BPM All Vinyl Random mix

After a few years going all digital, I’ve sold my CDJs and switched back to vinyl one year ago. I’m now a happy DJ again, and in 2015 I’ve bought a shitload of records, mostly Drum & Bass but also Bass/Techno/House etc…

This mix is essentially me randomly picking up some records I’ve acquired throughout the year, and mixing them up on the fly, à l’ancienne.

No preparation means no perfection, but I think it’s not too bad. It includes a lot of digital-only tunes that I got cut on wax


  1. Joy Orbison & Boddika – TMTT
  2. Katz N’ Dogz – They Frontin’
  3. Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep In Louise
  4. Maya Jane Coles – From The Dark
  5. Joy O – Jels
  6. Kowton – Glock & Roll
  7. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Agua (Carl Craig remix)
  8. Boddika – Steam
  9. The Town – The Dice
  10. Kill Frenzy – No Panties
  11. Crookers – Push ‘Em Up (French Fries remix)
  12. Ryme – Pussé
  13. Jimmy Edgar – Strike
  14. Bodyjack – That’s What She Said
  15. Neana – Bow Kat
  16. Ore – Nolita
  17. CDBL music – Pulse (She’s Drunk remix)
  18. Bodhi – 88 (Shadow Child + S.P.Y remix)
  19. Mella Dee – Feel It Out
  20. Mickey Pearce – Don’t Ask
  21. Flore – Psykhe
  22. Roska – 480 BC
  23. Addison Groove – Footcrab
  24. Pev & Kowton – Vapours (Pangaea remix)
  25. Lung & Maxx Roach – Booty Call
  26. Ipman – Regicide
  27. Truth – Devil’s Hands (Youngsta remix)
  28. Kahn – Abattoir

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