February 24, 2016

All vinyl, 3 decks, 100% Optiv & BTK video mix

Here’s a new 3 decks video mix by me, with only Optiv & BTK tunes on wax.

All hail Optiv & BTK!

This is my second attempt to a 3 decks video mix, after the first one which did it very well on Facebook, back in the days ;)

This is one features only tunes by Optiv & BTK from 2011 to 2016. Guess what? I’m a big fan of Optiv & BTK. I’ve always thought they’re the new Ed Rush & Optical, and this has probably to do with their dark yet groovy style, amazing bass work, and extensive use of the Worm break, which I’m a sucker for. A great combination of tight production and dancefloor consideration, the latter being too often put aside these days in my opinion.

For this video, I’ve had some of their more recent digital-only tracks cut on vinyl, because I felt like I could not make a tribute mix without including the awesome Dark City EP or Drop The Funk.

I know this is – once again – not perfect, but I really don’t give a shit, this is what vinyl mixing is all about after all! I think it’s not too bad though, and I hope you’ll enjoy this mix anyway.

PS. more to come…


  1. Optiv & BTK – Dirty (feat. Ryme Tyme) – Blackout
  2. Optiv & BTK – You Got Me So – Blackout
  3. Optiv & BTK – Gene Labs – Commercial Suicide
  4. Optiv & BTK – At All Costs – Chronic
  5. Optiv & BTK – Tapout – Dispatch
  6. Optiv & BTK – Ruthless – Dutty Audio
  7. Optiv & BTK – Zero Hour – Frequency
  8. Optiv & BTK – Headz Above – Dutty Audio
  9. Optiv & BTK – Shredder – Virus
  10. Optiv & BTK – Backlash – Virus
  11. Optiv & BTK – Let Hit ‘Em – Frequency
  12. Optiv & BTK – Let It Loose – Dutty Audio
  13. Optiv & BTK – Whatever – Dutty Audio
  14. Optiv & BTK – Gamma Rays – Blackout
  15. Optiv & BTK – Dirty Tricks – Virus
  16. Optiv & BTK – Dive Bomb – Virus
  17. Optiv & BTK – Midnight Nation (2am Remix) – Commercial Suicide
  18. Optiv & BTK – Footprint (feat. Maztek) – Drum & Bass Arena
  19. Optiv & BTK – Reckless – Blackout
  20. Optiv & BTK – Gateway – Virus
  21. Optiv & BTK – Drop The Funk – Playaz

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