Hello, my name is Dale Cooper

Hey yo!

My real name is Ben. I am a DJ from Dijon, France. I started spinning records in 1995, playing beats and scratching for a long defunct Hip-Hop band. I now play mainly Drum & Bass but also Bass Music, House, Hip-Hop… and I have the longest running Drum & Bass radio show in France, since 1998 on Radio Dijon Campus 92.2FM and http://dijon.radio-campus.org

From 2001 to 2011 I’ve run La Vibe, the French Drum & Bass online community which has been a cornerstone of the movement and helped it to grow bigger and bigger circa 2003-2006. It is now closed down but the archives are still available at www.lavibe.org

As a DJ over the years I’ve had the chance to play some big gigs, alongside some of the biggest names in the Drum & Bass and Dubstep scenes such as Andy C, DJ Hype, Bailey, Ed Rush, DJ Trace, DJ Die, Camo & Krooked, Black Sun Empire, Chase & Status, Alix Perez, Noisia, DLR, Resident Evil, Audio, Phace, Headhunter, N-Type, Loefah, Von D, Klute, Mortem, Greg Packer, Simon Bassline Smith, Utah Jazz, Jaydan, Paul SG and many more…

I’m a vinyl record junkie, I currently have more than 3000 records in my collection, in all genres of music.

I love Mo’ Wax. I love Futura 2000.

In 2011 I’ve launched a website dedicated to Mo’ Wax. It is called Mo’ Wax Please and it is here :  www.mowaxplease.com

In April 2016 I decided that I was done with social networks, so I deleted all my accounts, and you won’t find me anywhere anymore.

Oh and by the way, in real life I work as a web developer in small, cool agency, after spending about 5 years working as a freelancer.

PS. Yes, my “logo” has been written by Futura.

Dale Cooper, Jungle / Drum & Bass soldier from Dijon

Talk to me!

As of April 2016, I'm done with the social networks, so you won't find me anywhere.
But I'm not dead and I still want to hear from you :)
Let's keep in touch using the good old email way : lavibe@gmail.com
or catch me on Hangouts, call me on my phone, meet me in person...


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