April 28, 2015

La Vibe #16.25 – Future Cut special!

Dale Cooper La Vibe radio show #16.25 - Future Cut special

Another special one, this time it’s all about Manchester’s Future Cut! I’m not going to go special only, but this one was suggested to me by Kantyze, and as I was totally uninspired for yesterday’s show, I thought I’d do it. Whiplash, Obsession or Midnight are obviously timeless classics, but I almost forgot about some big tunes such as Recoil and Ghetto Style.

Future Cut’s discography is not huge, but it’s very varied, from the dark-tech-dubby Renegade Hardware typical sound of Whiplash to the Dillinja-esque Dainjah, to the Manchester influenced groove of Uprock and Plastic, to the acoustic funk of Midnight, it’s all about eclectism.

The pair has not released any Drum & Bass for a while now, but they are still active as producers for big British pop acts such as Lily Allen (!).
They have a brand new single though, just released on V Recordings, it’s Prophecy b/w Out There, 2 tunes from 2005, available on a tiny number of test pressings, but that never made it to the market because of sample clearance issues. It’s now available as a digital release, so that was another good reason to make this Future Cut special ;)


  1. Future Cut – Obsession
  2. Future Cut – Whiplash
  3. Future Cut – Hideous Kinky
  4. Future Cut – Teart Out My Heart
  5. Future Cut – Pop Corn
  6. Future Cut – Crouching Tiger (feat. DJ Kontrol)
  7. Future Cut – Ghetto Style
  8. Future Cut – 20/20
  9. Future Cut – 20/20 (Chase & Status remix)
  10. Future Cut – Uprock
  11. Future Cut – Plastic (feat. Marcus Intalex)
  12. Future Cut – Bloodline (feat. DJ Kontrol)
  13. Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code (Future Cut remix)
  14. Future Cut – Horns 2000
  15. Future Cut – Horns 2000 (Dylan remix)
  16. Future Cut – Recoil
  17. Future Cut – Stealth (Domination)
  18. Future Cut – Stealth (Dillinja Remix)
  19. Future Cut – Whiplash (Lemon D Remix)
  20. Future Cut – The Specialist
  21. Future Cut – Dainjah
  22. Future Cut – Prophecy
  23. Un-Cut – Midnight
  24. Un-Cut – Midnight (M.I.S.T VIP)

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