February 24, 2016

La Vibe radio show #17.11 – Tectonic special!

Yesterday’s radio show was all about Pinch’s seminal label from Bristol, Tectonic, one that helped me fall in love with Dubstep back in 2006. All vinyl!

Dale Cooper La Vibe radio show #17.11 - Tectonic special

60 minutes were obviously not enough to cover a more than a decade of Tectonic, one of the pioneering and most important record labels in Dubstep history…
I am the proud owner of the 50 first Tectonic releases, and much more actually, but at some point I stopped consistently buying them all.
I really love the direction Tectonic has taken through the years, keeping true to its original dark, bass driven signature sound, though easily escaping from the pure Dubstep frame. The regular appearences of Roska or Addison Groove in their darkest mood are a great example of how a label can welcome unexpected artists without sacrificing its identity.

By the way, the latest Tectonic release to date, Ipman’s Depatterning LP is an absolute masterpiece, check it out, seriously.


  1. DJ Pinch & P Dutty – Dub War
  2. Moving Ninja – Murky
  3. Loefah & Skream ‎- 28g
  4. Cyrus – Bounty
  5. Omen – Rebellion
  6. Mark One – Slang
  7. Digital Mystikz – Molten
  8. Hijak – Nightmarez
  9. Skream – Bahl Fwd
  10. Cyrus – Rasta From
  11. DQ1 – Gud Money
  12. 2562 – Channel Two
  13. 2562 – Moog Dub
  14. Pinch & Yolanda – Get Up
  15. 2562 – Techno Dread
  16. Skream – Percression
  17. RSD – Over It
  18. Skream – Trapped In A Dark Bubble
  19. Kryptic Minds – 768
  20. Jack Sparrow – Terminal
  21. Jack Sparrow – The Chase
  22. 2562 – Third Wave
  23. Roska – 480 BC
  24. Roska – Blurry
  25. Mala – City Cycle
  26. Ipman – Regicide

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